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These online videos and calculus study materials can help you find the zeros of a polynomial function, transform and reflect functions, graph integer power functions and greatest integer functions, and more. Try one today—they're 100% free.
In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy explains optimization with calculus. Part 1 of 4.

Finding the extremal values of a function, including distinction between local and global maxima and minima.

Improving upon the symmetric approximation for a derivative using extrapolation.

Definition of this method, f '(x) ~ (f(x+d) - f(x-d)) / (2d), for approximating derivatives and its advantages over the previous method.

Discussion of the potential problems with the first method for approximating derivatives.

Definition of this basic method for approximating the derivative of a function with f'(x) ~ (f(x+d) - f(x)) / d.

Method for using iterated linear approximations to find an inverse function.

Notes on estimating the values of an unknown function using linear approximation.

Graphs of the types of discontinuities, including cusps, jump discontinuity, removable discontinuity, infinite discontinuity, and essential discontinuity.

Examples when standard functions are or are not differentiable.

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