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These online videos and calculus study materials can help you find the zeros of a polynomial function, transform and reflect functions, graph integer power functions and greatest integer functions, and more. Try one today—they're 100% free.

i was supposed to find the inverse of this and determine its domain and range. i found the inverse but im having trouble determining the domain and range. Please help me?

Diego deposited a certain sum of money in a bank 2 years ago. If the bank had been paying interest at the rate of 5% compounded continuously and he has $11,000 on deposit today, what was his initial deposit?

simplify 3x^2y^3-3x^3y^2(-x^3/y^3)/ y^6

We are doing a review in calculus and I can't solve this one problem. X^3/2 = 64

Find all solutions of the equation in the interval (0 , 2pi). Sec 4x = 2

I have uploaded a picture of the problem. [ File > ]

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I am supposed to be finding a fifth degree polynomial with 5i, 1-3i, and -1 as zeros. I know that -5i and 1+3i are the other two zeros because of the conjugate pairs theorem however when it comes to simplifying I keep getting the wrong answers. I am using MyMathLab and this is the new problem it has generated for me. Will you help walk me through it so I can see what I am doing wrong?

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