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These online videos and calculus study materials can help you find the zeros of a polynomial function, transform and reflect functions, graph integer power functions and greatest integer functions, and more. Try one today—they're 100% free.
find vertical and horizontal asymptotes of f(x)= x-4/ 2x^3-5x^2-4x+12

find all solutions of each equation

I need help with #4 , and the directions are in in the pictures [ File > ]

write the hyperbolic equation. vertices (+/- 2, 0), asymptote y=+/-4/3x

solve Ln(3x-5)=Lnx+Ln2

Hi, I need help with this problem.

Below you are given four parametric equations and their plots. Match each plot to the correct set of parametric equations. (Note: Values along the axes are given in Cartesian coordinates.) A. B. C. D.

Find the focus of y^2+6y+8x+25=0

finding domain

Explain the difference between cos^-1(x) and sec(x).

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