Applications of the Derivative

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The derivative has dozens of useful applications for calculus, economics, and more. Practice using this powerful tool with free videos, online graphing exercises, worksheets, and study guides from across the web.
Definition of another alternative to Newton's Method, in which intervals are split in half until a solution is reached once the endpoints of the interval have opposite signs.

Definition of an alternative to Newton's Method, including a discussion of this method's advantages and drawbacks.

Definition of this modification to Newton's Method that does not require calculation of the derivative at each step of the method.

Definition, with an applet for applying the method and a discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of this method.

Brief description of four methods for finding a solution to an equation of the form f(x) = 0.

Iterative divide and conquer method for finding a local maximum or minimum on a curve.

Finding the extremal values of a function, including distinction between local and global maxima and minima.

Definition of a critical point and its use in finding maxima and minima of a function.

Improving upon the symmetric approximation for a derivative using extrapolation.

Graphs of the types of discontinuities, including cusps, jump discontinuity, removable discontinuity, infinite discontinuity, and essential discontinuity.

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