Mandy Ginsberg, CEO

Mandy joined in 2013 to help build our team and reach millions of more students. She is best known for successfully building the largest online dating site, At, she created the “Real First Dates” ad campaign and at she led the award-winning “Come as you Are” campaign. Mandy oversaw all aspects of’s U.S. business, building strategic relationships and bringing in new customers by creating innovative product features. Mandy was a competitive soccer player at the University of California at Berkeley and she has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She is on the Board of

Her favorite teacher was Mr. Dumaine who taught high school literature. (“He was tough!”) Mandy wishes she had for AP Physics, her toughest class.

Shar Dubey, EVP Technology & Product

Shar leads our product team and is focused on creating innovative features that will be easy, fun and successful for students. She joined the company in 2013 after spending seven years at Shar oversaw product strategy, product management and business operation performance for and, driving 60% growth in revenues. She’s a graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and earned a master’s degree from Ohio State University.

Shar was fortunate to have more teachers than she can name here who had a profound impact on her student years. She wishes she had to prepare for the entrance exams for IIT.



Kevin Donalds, SVP, Operations & CFO

Kevin oversees the company’s operations, finances and strategic planning. Kevin has helped companies complete successful IPOs and sales, and was the vice president of financial reporting for another successful Internet company, Kevin is a CPA and graduated from The University of Rhode Island.

Kevin’s favorite teacher was Pat Colburn who taught Algebra I. His sarcastic, funny style was a welcome relief and he never let anyone, including Kevin, slack off. Kevin wishes he had for high school biology.



Joan Rooney, VP Instruction

Thanks to Joan, more than one million students a year get to connect to one of our amazing 2,500 tutors. Joan developed our comprehensive recruiting, screening, on-boarding and mentoring programs that have helped us become the highest-rated online tutoring service. Joan’s brainchild, a tiered mentoring program for every tutor, ensures that high-quality learning happens every day, all day at Prior to joining in 2001, Joan was a classroom teacher and held multiple operational roles for the City of Boston where she made everything work better. Joan has a BA from Emmanuel College and has a Master’s Degree from the Sorbonne.

Joan’s favorite teacher is Sister Leo Marie who taught sixth and seventh grade. Sister Leo Marie set high standards and believed that every student could learn. Joan wishes she had for Geometry.



Sandi White, GM Institutional Programs

Sandi has spent the last 10 years with working with our clients to solve their most pressing problems, including student engagement, persistence and overall academic achievement. She has held multiple roles at, including vice president of client services where she managed client implementation and developed successful training programs. She has deep institutional knowledge and delivers great results for our clients. Sandi has held sales leadership positions at other education companies and is a member of the Postecondary Board of Directors for SIIA. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts. Sandi enjoys red wine (California vineyards only please!) and cheering on the San Francisco Giants.

Her favorite teacher was Mr. Stankus who taught history and government. She wishes she had for Algebra (our most popular subject!).



Russ Greenspan, VP Technology

Russ has been building online learning products for us since 2000. He created our first mobile app, To Go, which was featured by Apple within days of its launch. Russ splits his days between technology leadership and hands-on coding. Before, he created software for investment banks and lived in Hawaii; not at the same time.He has a Master’s from University of Illinois and a BA from Duke. He’s an amateur musician and has spent many nights playing with his band on NYC stages.

Russ’s favorite teacher was Mr. Clancy who taught English in 10th and 12th grade. The best memory was walking around NYC tracing Holden Caufiled’s route in The Catcher in the Rye.



Jennifer Kohn, VP Corporate Communications

Jennifer has held many roles at that helped the company grow from an after-school homework help program to a 24/7 on-demand tutoring service. She is proud of the hundreds of articles that include each year and she enjoys speaking with our students to understand how has changed their lives. Before, Jennifer helped launch dozens of online companies that are now household brands, including Amazon, LendingTree and Jennifer has a BS from Cornell University and loves discovering new authors on her Kindle or at her local library.

Jennifer’s favorite teacher was Dr. Sair who taught AP Literature. Dr. Sair was an old-school grammarian and Jennifer never, ever misuses it’s and its. Jennifer wishes she had for AP Calculus, which still gives her nightmares.