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Online Coaching and Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

MyLivePd™ Online Coaching Service

MyLivePD™ is the first and only professional development service that gives teachers immediate access to a live coach. This personalized, one-to-one coaching model helps make an immediate impact on student learning.

Immediate Results That Don’t Break the Budget

When teachers have on-demand access to experienced coaches online, they can see results immediately. More than 90 percent of MyLivePD teachers are using information from their coaching sessions the same week in the classroom, sometimes as early as the next day. MyLivePD helps school districts save money and scarce resources while keeping teachers in the classroom.

Support for All Planning Topics

Teachers can work with a coach on their specific planning and PD needs, across all topics, including:

  • Differentiated learning
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Student engagement
  • Common Core initiatives
  • Student assessments

Trusted Planning Partner for Teachers

As a teacher-centric service, teachers work together with coaches to plan instruction. Coaches provide support and advice on a variety of areas, including differentiating instruction, creating assessments, reviewing lesson plans, developing activities that increase student engagement and more.

Experienced Coaches

Coaches are experts in content, pedagogy and classroom management, and can provide practical day-to-day support for teachers. Our experienced coaches are all current or recent teachers who also have years of coaching experience, and each provides a welcoming environment for teachers.

How MyLivePD Works

Teachers connect to a coach in an online environment that includes text chat, voice and resource sharing tools. Teachers are able to get a coach whenever they want for as long as they want from school or home.


I love that now I can just get online and work with a coach whenever I want. Before, I had to wait months for a workshop. This is so much better because I can ask my specific question and have an immediate solution.

- Algebra teacher