Acids and Bases

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Acids/Bases, Colligative Props., Intermolec. Forces, Concentration

An interactive simulation that allows students to look at how pH, [H3O+], and [OH-] change with different substances.

Explanation of the difference between the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis models for acids and bases. Electrolyte properties of acids and bases are discussed.

Basic Chem

Alkene and Alkyne. Given Reactant and Reagent Give Product

Alkene and Alkyne. Given Reactant and Product Give Reagent

8th Chemistry Vocab

Organic Chemistry

BIO205 - Ch 2 - Chemical Principles - RioSalado - AZ

Tips and tricks for how to predict reaction products on the AP chemistry exam. Covers double replacement, redox, organic, complex ion, and acid-base reactions.

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