Why Tutor.com?

Tutor.com is highest student-rated online tutoring program for colleges and universities.

  • 96% of students say Tutor.com helps them build confidence and improve grades.
  • 98% of students would recommend Tutor.com to a friend.
  • 100% of students are glad their institutions offer Tutor.com services.

Redefining Personalized

Creating A Learning Moment

Our tutors have completed over 10,000,000 1:1 sessions with students. When a student brings a problem or question to Tutor.com, a learning moment is created between a tutor and that student. The student and tutor work together in a secure, online classroom.

Ensuring Students Understand

The goal of every session is to capture that learning moment to ensure the student can solve the problem at hand and thoroughly understand relevant concepts. When the student demonstrates proficiency, the session is brought to an educationally-sound conclusion by the tutor. The student leaves with his or her immediate needs addressed and the confidence to finish the rest of the assignment independently.

High Quality Help at Any Time

Our rigorous approach to tutor onboarding, mentoring and retention ensures high quality, pedagogically sound help for all students and learning styles.

On Demand 24/7

Ready to Help When They Need It

Balancing work, life and jobs for today’s students is tricky and they often work on coursework late at night. Working with Tutor.com is like adding nearly 3,000 subject matter experts to your staff to provide 1:1 help to your online, on-campus or commuter students whenever they need it.

No Scheduling and No Stumbling Blocks

Students never need to schedule an appointment. Immediate access to a professional tutor allows students to be ready for the next class, which can bolster student confidence and avoid the cycle of missed assignments that causes many students to fall behind.

Personalized Writing Help

Writing help when students need it most and on their terms.  Students can either collaborate with tutors in real-time or upload essays & papers for review with a short turnaround time. Over 50% of our college-level tutoring sessions are in writing.

Actionable Data

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

Available in both Excel and PDF format, include charts, graphs and trend analysis at both an aggregate and individual level. Custom reports can also be provided on-demand through our Client Portal. Standard reports include:

  • Total number of sessions for the month by type of service used
  • Total number of sessions by subject
  • Total aggregate time used by students for the month of service
  • Post-session survey results, including student satisfaction ratings
  • Random sample of un-edited post-session student comments
  • Individual student usage data is also available, including subjects and time used

Predictive InsightsTM

Predictive Insights takes reporting to the next level because it provides a more detailed, granular look at the challenges students are facing and why they’re seeking help from tutors. Tutor.com is the only company that offers this detailed reporting. Colleges and universities working with us will be able to see not only that students are requesting help, but also the specific concepts that were covered in tutoring sessions. Based on the tutor's assessment of the student's prerequisite knowledge and the tutor's evaluation of the 1:1 session, students are flagged when they may benefit from additional assistance so that administrators and instructors can take action.

The Topic Drill Down Report identifies areas of the course that many students are struggling with. This helps the instructional design team to consider how best to deliver the content of the course.

Support Every Step of the Way

Our clients rave about and we take pride in our responsiveness and support. Because promoting student awareness is the key to launching and sustaining a successful tutoring program, Tutor.com provides a suite of promotional materials and conduct webinar or onsite training sessions with administrators, professors and program managers to launch, implement and support each institution’s implementation. Additionally, the Client Resource Center is available online 24/7 and contains templates for fliers, posters, email templates, guides and videos as well as best practices. And every institution working with us has a dedicated Client Manager as their day-to-day point of contact.

Customizable Solutions

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Colleges and universities who partner with Tutor.com select which of our nearly 40 academic subject areas they want to offer 1:1 tutoring in, how they want to group subject offerings and what reports are most important to their institution.

Integration Makes Access Easy

We can even integrate with your LMS or CMS to make authentication and access as easy as possible for students.

Mobile Access

Students Are Mobile and So Are We

Tutor.com is the only online tutoring program that provides mobile access for students. This is critical because 2/3 of today’s college students have mobile devices and half of them use smartphones and tablets for coursework. Mobile internet usage is even expected to outpace desktop internet usage by 2014.

Accessing Tutor.com Is Easy

We are committed to reducing the barriers to connecting to a tutor as fast as possible. There are no downloads. Most subjects are available 24/7. Students get connected to a 1:1 tutoring experience within three minutes; often within seconds.