Sarah B.

Sarah B.

About Sarah B.


English, Essay Writing


Bachelors in Anthropology from Lawrence University

Bachelors in Classical Studies from Lawrence University

Career Experience

Most of my adult years have been spent working in museums, studying archaeology, doing odd jobs, and tutoring. My passion, though, is writing of any kind.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love helping people realize all the things that they can achieve. Sometimes it is frustrating on both ends, but students and tutors are a team. With two brains, you can figure out almost anything. True learning begins at the point where understanding ends.

Other Interests

Amateur geology, Backpacking, Chess, Cooking, Creative writing, Drama, Fishing, Fishkeeping, Sewing, Writing

Reviews (1,944)


English - Essay Writing

Dec 15, 2017
My tutor was a big help and I understood alot of things I didn't get before.


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Dec 13, 2017
Sarah B was excellent. I learned a few tips from her. Thank you


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 26, 2017
The tutor was excellent!!!!


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 25, 2017
Tutor cut off mid session to pass on to another tutor and my time was not done. Very frustrating