Larissa R.

Larissa R.

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Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Math, Mid-Level Math, Pre-Calculus, Statistics


Bachelors in Cognitive Science from Wellesley College

Masters in Psychology, General from SUNY at Binghamton

PHD in Psychology, General from SUNY at Binghamton

Career Experience

I started teaching statistics while I was earning my doctorate in psycholinguistics (which is a really fun way to say "how people understand language"). After I finished graduate school, I taught statistics, research methods, and psychology courses at the college level for several years. Recently, I moved with my family to a new state, so right now I'm focusing on tutoring and taking classes to learn new techniques for data analysis.

I Love Tutoring Because

working one-on-one with students can be a great experience and rewarding in a way that being in front of a hundred students in a lecture hall just isn't. Having someone go from "I am confused and frustrated" to "Finally, I get this!" in a session is so much more fun than being the teacher and really only getting to see students learn if they come by office hours needing help. Because of the subjects I tutor, sometimes students come in with really unusual questions -- going through typical sessions covering things like quadratic equations, t-tests, or the Pythagorean theorem is certainly fun, but once in a while a student will have a logic question or a number-theory topic that may not exactly fit with algebra or geometry or statistics, but is awesome to work through. I remember one student who was stuck on turning numbers from base 10 to base 7 -- it was something that I'd never been asked for help with before, and I was so fascinated by the question and the procedure for doing that conversion that after my shift ended, I played with it some more even though I would probably never need it again (and I haven't... yet :) )

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Math - Algebra II

Dec 9, 2017
He was excellent, patient and very helpful. Thank you again!


Math - Algebra II

Dec 9, 2017
tutor was awesome


Math - Algebra II

Dec 9, 2017
Really good tutor. Helped me understand and was very patient. 10/10


Math - Algebra II

Dec 8, 2017
really helpful!