Kirk L.

Kirk L.

About Kirk L.


Algebra, Chemistry


Bachelors in Chemistry, General from Northwestern University

Masters in Education, General from National Louis University

Career Experience

I was a pharmaceutical research chemist for 3 years after college then became a high school chemistry teacher for 10 years before moving to Montana. I have been with since 2012.

I Love Tutoring Because

it gives me a chance to work one-one-one with a student who needs help.

Other Interests

Backpacking, Cooking, Photography, Running, Triathlon, Woodworking

Reviews (1,174)


Science - Chemistry

Mar 5, 2018
We spent about 20 minutes just confirming the given things in the first question without actually working on it. It seems like it took the tutor too long to figure out how to address that question and we ended up skipping it and going back to it later. I felt like I lost/wasted that very expensive time. I didn't give him a poor review because over time he was able to show me how answer the question, but I think it could have been done in less time, and this time cost me a lot of money. It's very expensive to spend nearly $80 to get through 3 homework questions. I understand they are lengthy questions, and he did show the answers to me which I'm grateful for, I just think it could have been done more efficiently.


Science - Chemistry

Feb 23, 2018
it helped me understand something that i thought was impossible


Science - Chemistry

Jan 24, 2018
This service is amazing, it really is a game changer especiallly bc it is an accelerated course and my chemistry class is a large group so our professor does not have the ability to address all of our questions.


Science - Chemistry

Jan 15, 2018
So I was having a had time knowing the difference between polar and non polar and my tutor broke it down step by step! My tutor gave e examples when I did not quite understand, and also practice problems when I finally got it to make sure I understood! I will pass my next quiz!!!