Julio P.

Julio P.

About Julio P.


Science, Spanish


Bachelors in Engineering, General from Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Career Experience

I have been working in the biotech industry, more specifically, producing microorganisms to formulate biopesticides. This is my first time tutoring someone that is not a work or university colleague.

I Love Tutoring Because

I think it's the best way to share the knowledge I have and even learn more everyday with every student, and also since my native language is Spanish, it's a good way to practice my English skills.

Other Interests

Beekeeping, Drinking Coffee, Fishing, Flying, Gaming, Gardening

Reviews (511)


Foreign Language - Spanish

Dec 10, 2018


Foreign Language - Spanish

Dec 8, 2018
Great help thank you!


Foreign Language - Spanish

Nov 14, 2018
My tutor Was Weird and made me feel like I wasn't appreciated because it was a automated response.


Foreign Language - Spanish

Nov 13, 2018
I really like my tutor, I just got frustrated when I was switched to another one.