Juan R.

Juan R.

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Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry

Career Experience

I have experience developing new biomedical devices starting off with an engineering design process. I'm knowledgeable in statistics, data analysis, design of experiments, scientific programming, and managing databases.

I Love Tutoring Because

I'm passionate to share my knowledge and experience with the students and engage them in the learning process.

Other Interests

Cycling, Hiking, Reading, Swimming

Reviews (415)


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Oct 22, 2018
Juan was a huge help in helping me understand uniform distributions. I want to send a huge thanks his way and ass him to my list of favorite tutors. :-)


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Oct 20, 2018
It is very helpfyl


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Oct 18, 2018
Unfortunately the tutor was unfamiliar with the topic I needed help with. He offered to transfer me but I have already wasted enough time trying to find a solution. I will reach out to my instructor directly.


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Oct 17, 2018
Juan was great