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Jerry P.

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Bachelors in Accounting from University of Dayton

Career Experience

In the beginning of my accounting career, I worked for a chemical company and was the financial liaison between the manufacturing operation as a cost accountant, and sales and administration, which used my cost work-ups to structure pricing. I accepted a position in a medical device company and eventually worked in the corporate office on acquisitions, internal audit and strategic financial planning. Then, I started my own CPA practice in which I worked in a variety of finance areas, including leveraged buyouts, business turnarounds, and various other management consulting functions. During my accounting career, I developed CPA exam questions for Audit, Law, and Financial Reporting (Practice), Tax and Not- For- Profit /Government Sections. I also corrected CPA exams for any section requiring candidate responses in writing. I decided to supplement my business knowledge as a business development consultant. In that capacity I was involved in market penetration, advertising and sales.

I Love Tutoring Because

first and foremost, I enjoy helping, encouraging and sharing my accounting experience with students and others who desire assistance. Principles of accounting are important and very useful for a wide range of situations in life and business.

Other Interests

Chess, Cooking, Gardening, Golfing, Reading

Reviews (74)


Business - Introductory Accounting

Mar 23, 2018
hard to put math assignments on the board


Business - Introductory Accounting

Mar 19, 2018
great job jerry!


Business - Introductory Accounting

Mar 19, 2018
Great service


Business - Introductory Accounting

Mar 2, 2018
Jerry was an excellent teacher. He provided a lot of background info for my accounting assignment to help me know why certain calculations were done. : )