Harold T.

Harold T.

About Harold T.


Algebra, Algebra 2, Math, Mid-Level Math, MS Excel, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Engineering, General from Universidad del Norte

Career Experience

I am an industrial engineer that works as quality assurance consultant in several companies. Besides this, I have been tutoring for 7 years.

I Love Tutoring Because

it is wonderful to know that my knowledge will be helpful to the students in the present and the future of their lives. More than that, it is seeing that I am part of the improvement and growing of a person. I see tutoring not just as a way to fill in the holes that are left at the end of the school day, but as infinitely fulfilling, important work that bridges worlds and builds a stronger future for students, one at a time.

Other Interests

Flying, Soccer, Sports, Video Gaming, Watching Movies

Reviews (3,254)


Technology - MS Excel

Dec 6, 2018
wonderful tutors


Math - Algebra II

Dec 4, 2018
The help was great! However, there was a mistake where 64x was positive yet it was entered in as a negative. Both me and the tutor have to be more alert about signs.


Math - Algebra II

Dec 2, 2018
perfect tutor excellent


Math - Algebra II

Nov 25, 2018
excellent tutor, didn't over step or understep.