George W.

George W.

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English, Essay Writing


Bachelors in Music, General from University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Career Experience

A high school English teacher since 1982, I've worked with students of diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels and have extensive experience teaching Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.

I Love Tutoring Because

I get great satisfaction guiding students from problem to epiphany, from crisis to confidence.

Other Interests

Reading, Soccer, Yoga

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Mar 13, 2018
good tutuor didnt give answeres right away (even though i wanted them) and actually learned something



Mar 12, 2018
Great tutor


English - Essay Writing

Feb 13, 2018
Very helpful



Feb 11, 2018
Tutors tend to type extremely slowly. I understand that the more minutes used the more money made, but often times the length of time spent on a single problem is enough to force me to rush the rest of my assignment or stay up late. I also understand that some people are simply slow typers, but perhaps have tutors complete an hour or two of typing practice to speed up their sessions. Even if it takes less time, you're going through more people who will end up using their minutes as well and therefore also spend more on adding minutes to their account.