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Ed M.

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ELL, Essay Writing, French, German, Spanish


Bachelors in English Language and Literature, General from Utica College

Masters in Linguistics from Syracuse University

Masters in Humanities/Humanistic Studies from Syracuse University

Career Experience

I am a specialist in language and linguistics, with a particular interest in the history and grammar of the English language and in the French language as it is spoken in Canada. I also have training in teaching English as a second language (ESL) and many years of teaching this and other subjects like English, linguistics and writing at the college and adult levels. Plus, I have professional experience in writing and editing including in the compilation of dictionaries as well as running my own language consulting service.

I Love Tutoring Because

my background is a mix of the academic and the practical, and this is an important aspect of what I bring to my tutoring. I really like working with students one on one because that way I get a much better sense of the student and her/his specific needs and learning style than I would standing in front of a class of students (and I've done plenty of that in my career). I'm a very giving, helpful, other-directed person when it comes to tutoring and helping students succeed.

Other Interests

Amateur astronomy, American football, Baseball, Computer programming, Driving, Flying, Football, Foreign language learning, Hiking, Ice hockey, Programming, Reading, Traveling, Urban exploration

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Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Sep 21, 2020
Thank you so much!


Foreign Language - Spanish

Sep 20, 2020
give hi half of cooooookie :(


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Sep 18, 2020
Perhaps add one or two specific examples from the paper for shortcomings.


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Sep 2, 2020
Not that I know of. Thank you!