Daria S.

Daria S.

About Daria S.


Algebra, Statistics


Bachelors in Statistics, General from University of California-Berkeley

Bachelors in Cognitive Science from University of California-Berkeley

Career Experience

I have tutored at Tutor.com for over 2 years. I am simultaneously working as a foreign language instructor. I have previously tutored in private as well as part of after-school programs. Overall, I have tutored Statistics, Algebra, and other related subjects over the last 5 years.

I Love Tutoring Because

It is one of the most effective and engaging parts of education, as each student gets individual attention. Watching students learn is very rewarding.

Other Interests

Billiards, Foreign language learning, Ice hockey, Writing

Reviews (5,762)


Math - Quantitative Reasoning

Oct 20, 2018
The tutor I had was a great tutor, she just was trying to use a formula that I had never seen before and I ended up more lost before I suggested the method we were taught in class. I managed to get the information I needed, but it was a bit of a struggle


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Oct 19, 2018
great help


Math - Quantitative Reasoning

Oct 19, 2018
my first tutor disconnected made me feel like i was stupid my second was nice


Math - Statistics

Oct 18, 2018