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Bejoy T.

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Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Math, Mid-Level Math


Bachelors in Biology/Biological Sciences, General from Fordham University

Masters in Secondary Education and Teaching from Iona College

Career Experience

I have done 5+ years of online tutoring helping K-12 students with homework and studying for tests. I worked as an instructor for a local center helping a group of students prepare for the SAT math, giving them useful tips and strategies to score high in the math section. I've finished my student teaching at a middle school, teaching 8th grade math and high school Algebra I. I've just gotten my NYS teaching certification for teaching adolescent math (grades 7-12).

I Love Tutoring Because

I love math, and have enjoyed teaching it to students who need help. I understand that math can be complicated, and it is not something you get right away. I believe with practice and skill one can be better able to understand it. I know this because I also grew up not liking math but, ironically, ended up teaching it. I believe we need to be patient and understand what the student is good at and where the student struggles in order to effectively teach math to students. Relating math to real life examples can make it more interesting and fun for students.

Other Interests

American football, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Chess, Coin collecting, College football, Cricket, Driving, Football, Gaming, Hiking, Soccer, Sports, Stamp collecting, Traveling, Watching Movies

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Math - Algebra II

Mar 21, 2018
Very helpful, and the notification per message is very appreciated


Math - Algebra II

Mar 21, 2018
Bejoy is a good tutor