Arlene L.

Arlene L.

About Arlene L.


Algebra 2, Calculus, Physics, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Physics, General from McMaster University

PHD in Physics, General from McMaster University

Career Experience

Taught university physics for over 20 years. My classes achieved above average scores on standardized tests designed to evaluate the conceptual understanding of the students.

I Love Tutoring Because

There is nothing better than helping a student achieve that AHA moment when the understanding comes and things begin to make sense.

Other Interests

Amateur astronomy, Chess, Gaming, Reading, Video Gaming

Reviews (4,394)


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Feb 18, 2018
Great tutor. Super kind and super helpful


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Oct 10, 2017
This tutor was awesome. I went on here because I was completely lost, but after a few minutes I understand what I was doing wrong.


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Sep 22, 2017
Clear and straightforward help - greatly appreciated!


Math - Algebra II

Apr 27, 2017
Everytime I use this tutor site- I get my stuff done and right- not to mention I internalize the information because of the great help!