Andres S.

Andres S.

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Bachelors in Economics, General from Universidad de Antioquia

Career Experience

Before graduating from college, I worked as an intern at a regional statistics government office. After receiving my degree, I went to work at the payroll department of the local branch of one of the most respected universities in the country.

I Love Tutoring Because

as students, we spend most of our waking hours attending school or doing homework. I really enjoyed my experience at school and I think that by tutoring we can help students who are struggling, so they can enjoy their time at school, too.

Other Interests

Foreign language learning, Jogging, Stand-Up Comedy

Reviews (196)


Business - Introductory Economics

May 18, 2018
Andres was Excellent. Very thorough and patient.


Business - Introductory Economics

May 16, 2018
Amazing tutor!


Business - Introductory Economics

May 7, 2018
This Tutor was fantastic, he knew I was not confident in economics and made things easier for me to understand and was there with my for every issue


Business - Introductory Economics

May 2, 2018
Great Tutor ! Very helpful