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subject verb aggrement

A variety of interactive quizzes ranging from literary terms to literature

The student can access 50 basic sentence diagram patterns on this site. It begins with the simple subject/verb diagram and includes gerund/participle/infinitive phrases, causative verbs, and expletive constructions.

The site has a very complete list of phrase verbs, such as "come down with" and "work out."

A handy clear guide to all the rules for writing numbers with examples given - great for essay writing/editing.

Tutorial on adjective forms and usage with plenty of examples, and a 10 question interactive quiz at the end.

definition and examples of transitive verbs; link to information about intransitive verbs

A great basic grammar website resource for students and tutors.

Excellent example of proper outline form with annotations next to each section. My preferred resource for guiding students with outline structure.

Information about the value/reasons for diagramming sentences. Dropdowns for how to diagram various parts of speech with examples.

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