Reading Comprehension

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The student can take a practice main idea quiz with 10 questions. Answer key is given at bottom of page.

Students can explore and experiment with idioms through this interactive tool. The student is given a picture prompt and fill-in-the-blank sentence to assist in understanding an idiom, and allowed to write a comment about the metaphoical meaning before printing their responses.

Help with Shakespearian sonnets and plays

Dial vs Digital: Do you think the author is arguing against the use of digital clocks? Explain your judgment. Think about his opinions of digital clock and the tine he uses in his conclusion.

explain the quote. "He figures it's his fault his woman died. He's all the time makin' it up to somebody - givin' kids stuff, droppin' a sack a meal on somebody's porch." (grapes of wrath by John Steinbeck)

An interactive tool that allows students to choose 1 of 4 kinds of story maps and explain and organize their ideas about the elements of a story they are reading. Students can choose Character, Conflict, Resolution, Setting maps.

Modern and middle english side by side text of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.