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Interactive worksheets where the word search puzzles actually pronounce and spell each word as you find it! Phonics is all about the learning of sounds, and this site has plenty of sound. It's colorful, fun and has lots of variety, even though it's not complete yet. For example, short vowels are covered, but long vowels are not. As you finish each game, you earn certificates that can be printed or e-mailed to friends, family and teachers.

Where children have fun learning to read. An excellent tool for improving a child’s literacy skills.

This website can be used to look up meanings of words along with synonyms and antonyms

Interactive Tool helps students recognize word patterns, sort and read words in Word Families - builds word recognition and reading fluency.

Interactive game with sound effects matching homophones with their meanings.

Matching words that have the same vowel sounds using different spelling patterns.

An online dictionary and thesaurus of the English language. It also includes a medical dictionary and a Spanish-English dictionary.

Free online dictionary provided by Ask.com

Reading Games for Young Kids

A great site with various lists of spelling words, lists, and excersizes

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