Tutor.com Quadratic Equations Session

Mar. 19, 2013

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Session Transcript - Math - Algebra, 3/18/2013 8:20PM - Tutor.comSession Date: 3/18/2013 8:20PM
Length: 15.9 minute(s)
Subject: Math - Algebra

System Message
[00:00:00] *** Please note: All sessions are recorded for quality control. ***

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:00:00] Solve the equation: -10n squared + 35n=0
[00:00:04] Hello

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:00:10] Hi! How are you today?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:00:16] OK

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:01:24] Ok, so do you have any ideas about what to do first?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:02:03] No :/

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:02:46] Ok, I think a good first step here would be to add 10n 2 to both sides of the equation
[00:03:08] That way it cancels out on the left side
[00:03:45] Do you follow what I just did there?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:03:47] yes

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:04:29] Now we can divide both sides by n so that it cancels out on one side
[00:05:33] Good! Do you think you can solve it from here?
[00:06:28] Good! Another solution to this equation would be n=0
[00:06:58] Because, if you think about it, if we substitute = for n, the equation is correct
[00:07:50] So the two solutions to this equation are n=7/2 and n=0

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:08:31] Thank you. I'm still not very sure how to do this now. Is it okay if we do another one?

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:08:45] Sure
[00:10:26] Ok, so looking at the last problem, what do you think you should do first here?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:11:07] Subtract 15x from both sides

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:11:29] Good! That is a good way to start
[00:12:23] What do you get when you do that?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:13:46] I get stuck here.

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:14:07] That is right so far
[00:14:18] How do you think we can isolate x on one side?
[00:14:24] What number can we divide both sides by?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:14:27] 2

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:15:00] Yes, that is one of the solutions
[00:15:06] What do you think the other solution would be?

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:15:09] 0

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:15:16] Yes, that is correct

Gwendolyn (Customer)
[00:15:39] Thank you! I understand it now. Have a good evening!

Thomas B (Tutor)
[00:15:47] You too
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