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Sep. 26, 2012

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Session Transcript - Math - Calculus, 9/21/2012 9:17PM - Tutor.comSession Date: 9/21/2012 9:17PM
Length: 8.1 minute(s)
Subject: Math - Calculus

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[00:00:00] *** Please note: All sessions are recorded for quality control. ***

Guest (Customer)
[00:00:00] simplify 3x^2y^3-3x^3y^2(-x^3/y^3)/ y^6

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:00:08] Welcome to Tutor.com ! How can I help you today?

Guest (Customer)
[00:00:54] simplifying=]
[00:01:03] the answer in the bk is diff from wat i got

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:01:08] Awesome!
[00:01:16] Okay, so you've already made an attempt at the problem.

Guest (Customer)
[00:01:26] yup

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:01:29] Would you like to show me what you've done so far?
[00:02:10] That step looks great!
[00:03:08] Yep, that looks good too

Guest (Customer)
[00:03:21] but the bk has the whole thing under y&7
[00:03:31] y^7

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:03:50] Yeah, the reason for that is because to complete the simplification we want to have just one fraction
[00:03:56] instead of a sum of 2 fractions
[00:04:12] So, we want to find the common denominator and combine the two fractions
[00:04:24] Does that make sense?

Guest (Customer)
[00:04:29] yeaa

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:04:50] So, what's the common denominator between these two fractions?

Guest (Customer)
[00:04:55] y^4?

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:05:07] Not quite!

Guest (Customer)
[00:05:22] y^7

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:05:30] yeah- that's it
[00:05:49] So you want to think about multiplying all the denominators together to get your common denominator
[00:05:59] So for the red equation: my common denom. is xy
[00:06:10] BUT in your equation. y^7 has a y^3 in it

Guest (Customer)
[00:06:41] y^4

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:06:53] Yep!
[00:07:04] Would you like to try to complete this step?
[00:07:17] perfect!

Guest (Customer)
[00:07:23] OH thats it! thx!

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:07:32] You're welcome!
[00:07:40] Do you have any questions about anything we went over today?

Guest (Customer)
[00:07:43] nope!

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:07:54] Thanks for using Tutor.com. Please fill out the survey as you leave so we can learn how I can better help other students in the future! 

Guest (Customer)
[00:07:58] k! bye!

Samantha O (Tutor)
[00:08:01] bye!