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This website can be used to look up meanings of words along with synonyms and antonyms

An interactive game matching words that are related in spelling and meaning.

An online dictionary and thesaurus of the English language. It also includes a medical dictionary and a Spanish-English dictionary.

This website searches 973 dictionaries to locate words which meet students' requirements. For example, by typing in "int*:numbers" as search terms, OneLook finds words which include int* and refer to numbers, such as "integer." Many different types of search are possible.

Free online thesaurus provided by Ask.com.

Free online dictionary provided by Ask.com

I need help writing a sentence containing the word "justification" that shows I know the definition of the word.

match the vocab words with its definition

Click on the alphabetical letter and find the grammatical term. Uses each term in a sentence as an example.

A great site with various lists of spelling words, lists, and excersizes

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