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Diagram: Subduction zones are areas where two plates collide. My question is: is where a direct object, so the dotted line goes to areas? or is it an adverb so it goes on the dotted line from are to collide?

help with finding prepositional phrases in sentences

Gives the definition and one example of the parts of speech

Explanation and examples of seven types of phrases: noun, prepositional, appositive, absolute, infinitive, gerund, and participial.

A basic "handbook" of parts of speech, sentence structures and punctuation with examples for reference purposes. Clean website makes it easy to read/find rules of basic grammar

The student can access 50 basic sentence diagram patterns on this site. It begins with the simple subject/verb diagram and includes gerund/participle/infinitive phrases, causative verbs, and expletive constructions.

Excellent resource clearly listing all comma rules with examples.

Click on the alphabetical letter and find the grammatical term. Uses each term in a sentence as an example.

definition and examples of transitive verbs; link to information about intransitive verbs

This site has very useful examples, along with a list and a definition, showing how prepositions work in a sentence.

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