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Explores various fairy tales. Activity guides are provided. Students are encouraged to write their own fractured fairy tale and publish it..

Excellent source for developing language and communication through listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting.

Author Timothy Tocher explains to elementary/middle school level students how he created the characters in several of his stories.

Where children have fun learning to read. An excellent tool for improving a child’s literacy skills.

Interactive Tool allows students to demonstrate understanding of characters they read about. Can also be used as a prewriting tool for students to create their own characters in their own story writing.

An interactive voiced over fairy tale that walks a student through the various elements of setting, characters and plot while telling a story. Students can click through and hear the story and explanations as they read the story and information.

This resource contains several writing prompts and ideas for "stuck" writers! Includes prompts for narrative essays, stories, descriptive essays, and more.